Madragoa Building

Lisbon, Portugal


Can a marquise* be transformed into a princess?

*as glass-enclosed balconies are called in Portugal

A building that has suffered successive alteration and substitution interventions throughout time. In particular, the addition of the marquise, a glass and aluminium framework structure that closes a balcony, was very unfortunate, as it takes away from the building’s original character as well as the urban grid it integrates.
As it progressed, the project took on two distinct approaches. The subtler one, tied to the restoration of the main building, was strictly limited to enhancing the value of its original elements. Inversely, the renovation of the lateral section of the building enjoyed more freedom and went in search of an appealing, expressive, markedly contemporary image.

Project Madragoa Building

Location Lisbon, Portugal

Client Manuel Mateus Frazão, Lda

Program Apartment building with 4 apartments

Area 330 m2

Project status Built

Date 2008 – 2013

Architecture Kaputt!

Architecture team Sérgio Antunes, Irene Bonacchi, Ana Brütt, Sofia Reis Couto, Rita Ferreira, Horácio Guedes, Kirill de Lancastre Jedenov, Filipe Moreira, Manuel Ribeiro

Engineering Barra Mestra

Contractor Manuel Mateus Frazão, Lda

Photography Maria Timóteo