3 Pombalino Apartments

Lisbon, Portugal

2013 – 2018

What is Pombalino* today?

*early anti-seismic design features and prefabricated building methods applied after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake

An apartment used for a long time as a leather tannerie workshop. The aggressiveness of this type of use destroyed its character, losing the features of the pombalino architectonic imaginary.


The refurbishment and division of space into three apartments followed the next principles:
To maintain the pre-modern circulation logic between rooms, without corridors or small distribution spaces, adjusting the intervention to the existing partitioning, and greatly decreasing the need of demolitions, therefore preserving the integrity of the existing structure.
Reinvention of the pombalino interior’s architecture, by selecting some of its main features: sparsely decorated spaces, modular use of the constructive elements and the use of windows and doors as main elements of the architectonic characterization.

Project 3 Pombalino Apartments

Location Lisbon, Portugal

Client Private

Program Refurbishment and division in 3 independent apartments

Area 314,5 m2

Project status Built

Date 2013 – 2018

Architecture Aurora Arquitectos

Architecture team Sérgio Antunes, Sofia Reis Couto, Pedro França, Bruno Pereira, Tânia Sousa, Inês Forte, Carolina Rocha, Ivo Lapa, Rui Baltazar

Building Supervision Gestão de Obras

Construction Ecociaf

Furniture Marco Sousa Santos

Photography do mal o menos