Bordeira House

Aljezur, Portugal


How do we build a contemporary house in a traditional outer shell?

A house in the village of Bordeira, in which half the project was already pre-designed. This was owed to the village’s characteristics, which establish unavoidable principles.
The materials and colours of the outer walls, the roof, the proportion of the windows and overall volumetry of the house were hence outlined.
It became imperative to find, in the interior of the house, the answers to our client’s needs, and to the fact that the house was being built in the 21st century. We were concerned with what special features this house would have.

Project House in Bordeira

Location Aljezur, Portugal

Client Private

Program Single Family House

Area 87 m2

Project status Built

Date 2009 – 2014

Architecture Aurora Arquitectos

Architecture team Sérgio Antunes, Sofia Reis Couto

Engineer Miguel David

Architect on site Diogo Pato