Hotel in Tomar

Tomar, Portugal

2016 – …

On the threshold of the historic centre of Tomar, next to Nabão river, there is an old 19 th century manor house. It hasn’t been inhabited for a long time. Its grandeur from the past can still be found, despite evident signs of decay.
The plan is to transform this space into a high-end hotel unit. The challenge is keeping the house’s spatial logic and its architectural features, introducing the complex network of infrastructures and equipment, as well as the necessary changes to the space, to fit into the specific standards of this kind of function.

Minor operations to make a major operation

In a controlled manner, the existing building is manipulated using materials and building techniques well known to the context. Some spaces are reconfigured, decreasing or increasing, according to its function. By opposition, the roof and the space under it, are reinvented with a clearer design. New windows, in the corner rooms, are opened towards the city, strategically framing natural and historical points of interest.
The reception and social spaces occupy the ground floor. Also, at ground floor level, there is one part of the spa facilities, that stretches out to the garden along with the pool. The room areas are in the first floor and at roof level.
There is a new separate pavilion, restaurant and bar in the garden, that works as a pivot between city and hotel. The roof arches relate to the old aqueducts, typical architectural elements of the city heritage. This roof is also designed to serve as the great balcony from which to watch the parade of the ‘Festa dos Tabuleiros’, a traditional city celebration.

Project Hotel in Tomar

Location Tomar, Portugal

Client Private

Program Manor house refurbishment, extension and conversion into a Hotel

Area 1780.85 m2

Date 2016

Architecture Aurora Arquitectos

Architecture team Sérgio Antunes, Sofia Reis Couto, Pedro França, Bruno Pereira, Tânia Sousa, Carolina Rocha, Ivo Lapa, Rui Baltazar