Padaria Apartment Hotel

Lisbon, Portugal


How to highlight Pombalino*?

*early anti-seismic design features and prefabricated building methods applied after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake

The project founding principle is born from the relation between two factors: to enhance and rise the experience of the pombalino heritage and to ensure the comfort and contemporaneity of the current hotel.


A “collage” in which a contemporary, purified and abstract architectonic language explicitly overlaps the pombalino language. One frames the other, and the contrast between both mutually increases their value.


Main areas are selected to be object of renovation, in a way to preserve the original construction elements and its natural patina. In these areas, new cores are created, built from scratch, clearly contemporary by their form, design and materiality. Therefore, new hybrid and unexpected spatial situations are enhanced.

Project Padria Apartment Hotel

Location Lisboa, Portugal

Client Private

Program Private competition for the refurbishment and re-division of a pombalino building for short term rent apartments

Area 1053,9 m2

Date 2013

Architecture Aurora Arquitectos

Architecture team Sérgio Antunes, Sofia Reis Couto, Teresa Rodrigues