Santa Catarina Outpatient Clinic

Lisbon, Portugal


The discreet charm of the intervention?

A group of psychologists and psychiatrists intends to turn a noble apartment into a clinic. The apartment was in good condition, with architectonic and constructive quality – good wooden floor, eggshell-painted carpentry, that put into evidence the character of a bygone era, ceramic door handles and elaborated ceilings.


Our intervention is concerned about being delicate and little invasive. Through minor-scaled pieces, near to the furniture’s scale, the space gets divided, a service area is created and soundproofing problems get solved.


To illuminate the long longitudinal corridor that gives access to and connects all offices, a tailor-made lamp is designed for the top-lights and placed inside of each office. This way, the identity of the common space is composed by the sum of the individual ones.

Project Santa Catarina Outpatient Clinic

Location Lisbon, Portugal

Client Santa Catarina Outpatient Clinic

Program Refurbishment of an apartment into a clinic

Area 170 m2

Project status Built

Date 2012

Architecture Aurora Arquitectos

Architecture team Sérgio Antunes, Sofia Reis Couto, Luís Salgueiro

Contractor Monterg