Lisbon, Portugal


What if an architecture display was transformed into an ecosystem?

Following an invitation to show our work, we took the chance to insert our scale models into a larger universe.


The Chrysalis installation is like a curio cabinet, working as a device for displaying architecture projects. A small ecosystem whose interdependent elements evolve and grow throughout the exhibition. Caterpillars, Chrysalis and Butterflies that feed off flowers and grass. Drop by drop, water feeds the plants and then runs down the bottom to then evaporate. The scale models live within this micro-cosmos and are “devoured” by it as the exhibition progresses.

Project Crisálida

Location Lisboa, Portugal

Client Revista Arq|A

Program Exposição na galeria da Ordem dos Arquitectos

Date 2009

Author Kaputt!

Project and production team Sérgio Antunes, Irene Bonacchi, Ana Brütt, Sofia Reis Couto, Rita Ferreira, Horácios Guedes, Kirill de Lancastre Jedenov, Luca Martinucci, Filipe Moreira, Manuel Ribeiro

Biology Maria João Verdasca e Sofia Leitão – Lagartagis, Museu Nacional de História Natural