Hive in Palma

Lisbon, Portugal


Can a display window be both an exhibition space and object?

We were invited to make an intervention in a window that integrates an art gallery. The project is temporary, corresponding to the duration of the exhibition in the main gallery space.


Naturally, we are led to question the nature of this display window…


A window is a frame around a product, around an object, but it is also a space. This installation is born from the window walls and becomes autonomous by wrapping around itself, exploring this relationship between background and figure.


The construction is made from a single plate of alveolar polycarbonate that is cut, bent and lit up by a gradient of pink lights. The radiated light fills the street like the “sinful” window of an art gallery.

Project Hive in Palma

Location Carlos Carvalho Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

Curatorship Filipa Oliveira and Miguel Amado

Program Temporary installation in an art gallery display window

Area 20 m2

Date 2006

Author Kaputt!

Project team Sérgio Antunes, Irene Bonacchi, Ana Brütt, Sofia Reis Couto, Rita Ferreira, Horácio Guedes, Kirill de Lancastre Jedenov, Filipe Moreira, Manuel Ribeiro

Construction team Kaputt! with Luís Silva